How to make useful acquaintances as a student: we learn connections and blat

  1. Making contacts: 1 course
  2. Study at senior courses
  3. Department, dean's office, teachers
  4. Conferences, symposiums, etc.
  5. Foreign students

Here, it happens, you sometimes look at various thieves and unemployed and sincerely perplexed: how do they have such connections everywhere

Here, it happens, you sometimes look at various thieves and unemployed and sincerely perplexed: how do they have such connections everywhere? It seems that a person is not particularly pleasant in communication, and you can’t call him smart. Nevertheless, he is everywhere and everything is "seized."

And we will tell you where and how to take useful contacts, and then benefit from them. And you need to start from the very beginning, from the very first year of your studies.

Making contacts: 1 course

The first course is a great time to establish contacts, when everyone is equal and enthusiastic ...

Course 1 is a time of healthy ambitions, a high level of energy and hard work. What is not the time to lay the foundation of relationships?
However, everything will happen here by itself: classmates, classmates and other students of the university will meet in your life. Your job is only to be benevolent and not to brush anyone away from the very beginning. You will sweep away the grain from the chaff later, but while you are not so experienced in life, take it as it is.

How to maintain acquaintances: smile to everyone, give everyone a write-off (believe me, they will still find who will write off, it’s better if you do it), help find a way out in various difficult situations and support.

Study at senior courses

Undergraduates have less time to establish useful connections. But this time is so valuable that the release is very soon, after which the links can be very useful to them.

Especially easily and quickly establishing contact will be obtained from those who live in a dormitory.

Here, on the same floor, you can live side by side with teachers, graduate students, and senior or junior students. And they all go to the same public parties and drink the same drinks as you.

Turn up with them a couple of times at the right time in the right place - and you will have everything you need (notes, answers to tests, tickets, notes, etc.).

Department, dean's office, teachers

It's generally better to be friends with everyone. Even the secretary of the dean's office sometimes has such power that you never dreamed of!

This is a special caste of people with whom it is better not to quarrel, even if this is very well desirable ...

Even if you are smarter (or think you are smarter) for some of them, you have not yet reached the level of connections that they have developed. In addition, the teacher will always be able to ask you something that you would not know if you knew at least 99% of the subject.

Greeting is very important! Never forget to greet teachers. If someone seems to have ignored him, he can give you a lot of trouble at the session. But even because of one test can not be allowed to the main session.

Of course, you can go on a friendly relationship with the dean of your faculty. If you lead an active social life in high school, if you play sports, research projects, etc., you can safely ask the dean to "protect" you. But if you do not have such a trump card, the dean will not risk long-term cooperation with the teacher, even if this bad person is not right.

Whether you are at least 1000 times right, what is the use of it if you can be kicked out of the university? Sometimes it is better to stick your principles and pride away and calmly continue your studies.

Conferences, symposiums, etc.

Conferences and similar gatherings are teeming with useful acquaintances, if not for study, then for a future career, for sure

If you yourself are accustomed to shine in the world of science, then it is simply vital for you to enlist the support and contacts of talented people from such events.

Carefully look at the submitted projects: among them you can certainly find a gold mine, a project that can be easily converted into money.

Yes, in the initial stages you will hardly be able to earn millions, but then you will learn how it all works from the inside and start earning start-up capital.

Foreign students

Foreign students also belong to the group of useful acquaintances, if only because you can practice with them in language

Another priceless category of people is foreign students. They will always be happy for the extra person in the circle of their friends, who can take away their headaches associated with the peculiarities of the country of residence.

Moreover, a foreign acquaintance is an excellent and free language practice.

Well, to be completely arrogant, you can target valuable contacts in a foreign embassy through such students.

Summing up : we must write down the phone numbers and addresses of all the friends that you might need once. You never know who will be able to help out (after many years of graduation, a classmate helped me in one unpleasant situation, who went to work not in the specialty “teacher”, but went to law enforcement agencies!).

Do not worry if you do not have enough time to establish connections due to your studies. Charge these endless checklists, essays, coursework or presentation title page design our authors. Believe me, often in life they play a much larger role than the crust of higher education that you now intend to receive.

What is not the time to lay the foundation of relationships?
Whether you are at least 1000 times right, what is the use of it if you can be kicked out of the university?


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