Add contacts to google. How to restore contacts in your Google account on your Android device.

  1. Where to store contacts?
  2. How to add a contact?
  3. How to change contact?
  4. How to remove an address from the mail?
  5. How to restore contacts in your Google account on your Android device

When I created my first mailbox I thought that I would write to a limited number of people. Friends and acquaintances. As time went on, the number of email addresses grew. This list was supplemented by colleagues at the expense of colleagues in social networks , contacts of technical support services of Internet services, state structures, etc. were added to it. I'm not talking about the working list of contacts, which is regularly added information about customers and partners. Their e-mail, phone numbers, addresses, ICQ numbers, etc.

At one point, I decided that all this should be streamlined. Created contact groups: acquaintances, services, clients, etc. And distributed information from one big heap into smaller groups. Finding the right information has become easier.

Today we will talk about how to clean up the contact details of people and organizations that you may need.

Where to store contacts?

Gmail has a “contact manager” for storing contact information, which allows you to get quick access to the addresses of other users. This is your extensive email address book. Here you can and should store e-mail, contact names. But whether to lay out personal phones and confidential information, you decide. Of course, Google will not distribute or use this information to the detriment of users, but where is the guarantee that the attackers will not get access to your account. Stick to the middle. Do not be paranoid and do not neglect the safety rules on the network.

So, to go to your contact manager, click on the “Gmail” message in the upper left and select the “Contacts” item.

In the left pane of the manager you will see several folders. We will call them groups. Groups “My Contacts”, “Marked”, “Most Frequent”, “Other Contacts” are systemic. Their name reflects the purpose.

On the right we see a list of contacts. In it you can add, view, edit, delete contacts.

How to add a contact?

  1. Click on the left red button " new contact Or “Add to group ...” (the name of the button depends on the group in which you are currently located). In the area to the right, fields will appear in which you must provide information about your respondent.

In the area to the right, fields will appear in which you must provide information about your respondent

  1. Click the Details button (a gray rectangle with three dots) to the right of the Add Name field to open a form for specifying data. Always use this opportunity, because the system sometimes makes mistakes, and does not correctly allocate the first or last name. Enter the contact form, name, etc. Click the Save button.

Click the Save button

  1. Specify the e-mail address and its destination - home, work or personalized. Click the inscription to the left of the address field and select the desired attribute. Addresses may be several. For example, one home and two workers. To add a new email, click on the caption “Add email address”.

To add a new email, click on the caption “Add email address”

  1. Enter the phone number and postal address. If you fill out information about the organization, feel free to specify these details. Such information is publicly available, and you will always have it at hand.
  2. If your subscriber has a blog on the Internet or a homepage, add their addresses in the appropriate fields. You can specify multiple addresses in the same way as email.
  3. Make brief notes in the Notes field on the right. For institutions, add, for example, a work schedule.
  4. If you want to specify the position or number for Internet calls, click the "Advanced" button and select the required fields.

If you want to specify the position or number for Internet calls, click the Advanced button and select the required fields

  1. It is advisable to immediately assign a group to a new contact. To do this, click the "Groups" button in the top panel. Mark the groups to which the user belongs. Or click on “Create” to add a new group.

Or click on “Create” to add a new group

If you sent someone an email or you received messages, and they are not marked as spam, Gmail will automatically add contacts with the specified email addresses and place them in the "Other Contacts" group.

How to change contact?

Contact information is periodically out of date. The person stops using the email address. Organizations change addresses and phone numbers. This information needs to be updated.

Open the contact and edit the required information. Delete obsolete values ​​by clicking on the "Delete" (basket) button to the right of the corresponding field.

How to remove an address from the mail?

Periodically clean your contact lists from irrelevant data. Remove all unnecessary.

  1. Open the contact.
  2. Click the "Advanced" button and select "Delete Contact" from the menu.

To get rid of several entries at once, mark everything you want to delete in the contact list. Use the “Delete Contacts” command in the same way as with one contact.

Deleted recordings can be restored within 30 days. After this period, you will lose them forever.

Get organized with the contact information you use. Carefully fill out the information. Doing a little at once, you will avoid a lot of work in the future.

Write in the comments, whether you keep confidential information on the Internet. Is it worth doing?

Without a doubt, one of the most useful features that Google provides owners Android smartphones , tablets and other devices running operating system This operating system is the ability to store a list of their contacts in the cloud storage.

This means that having a Google account you can easily and simply transfer contacts to a new smartphone or tablet, restore them after resetting your mobile device to the factory settings, as well as to have access to them on any devices that have access to the Internet. But what to do if all contacts or their part were lost for some reason?

This happens, for example, when you accidentally deleted a necessary contact, the phone fell into the hands of a child who erased all or part of the contacts on it or even made changes to them, and in other similar cases.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, you should not be discouraged to restore contacts from your Google account is quite simple and you can do it within 30 days after their loss.

So let's get started:

How to restore contacts in your Google account on your Android device

Attention! It is only about contacts stored in google account : contacts stored on the SIM card cannot be restored by this method.

1. Launch a web browser on a PC, laptop, tablet, or any other device with Internet access.

2. Log in to your Gmail account on gmail.com

3. Click on "Mail" and in the menu that opens, select "Contacts"

4. In the menu of the window for working with contacts, click on “More” and select “Restore contacts”

5. In the window that opens, select a time (10 minutes ago, an hour ago, yesterday, a week ago, or a specific date and time to the minute):

6. Click on “Restore”

7. On a smartphone, tablet, or other Android device Google contacts on which you need to restore, go to the system settings menu.

8. Select "Accounts"

9. Choose “Google”

Choose “Google”

10. If you have more than one registered on your device account Google select the account from which you want to restore contacts

11. Click on the menu button in the form of a vertical dot in the upper right UGU screen.

12. Select “Sync” and wait until the “Sync-sync ...” item in the “Contacts” item disappears (and the corresponding sync icon is opposite).

Everything, you can open the Contacts application or any other application with access to google contacts where you will see that your contacts have been restored.

Where to store contacts?
How to add a contact?
How to change contact?
How to remove an address from the mail?
Where to store contacts?
How to add a contact?
How to change contact?
How to remove an address from the mail?
Is it worth doing?
But what to do if all contacts or their part were lost for some reason?


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